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Working on Money Skills

Group and Individual Instruction is ongoing at VEC.  Math, money, and learning to budget can be important life skills students learn.

Students practice bringing out inventory and organizing for retail sales.

Many of our students participate in work sites in the community.  This group was working at a local restaurant.  These indispensable employers are terrific to help our students to build work experience, learn about types of jobs, and to build confidence in their work skills.  Thank you!  

Kitchen Group Work Site

Students have different opportunities to work on general work skills, as well as to find out what they like or don't like.

School Work Site

Sometimes students show readiness for work sites within our school.  It's a great way to learn general skills and see if they are interested in this work as they go look for work outside of school.

A student learning life skills of food preparation and cooking.

Life skills are varied.  They may include, but are not limited to, healthy food choices, food preparation, cooking, shopping, budgeting, utilities, living arrangements, cleaning, and/or laundry.  As we discuss students' transition goals, life skills are an important consideration, whether taught at school or at home. 

Life Skills Instruction

We see "I do, we do, you do," all through the school.  Here students are watching and then practicing safe and healthy cooking skills.

Life Skills on their Own

Here students are enjoying working on life skills in the kitchen.  Turning it over to them to see what they can do!

Life Skills in the Kitchen

Time to cook!

Students visit with community

Community experiences are a significant part of applying skills and exploring possibilities.  Students make connections and apply what they are learning.  Here, they learned about those people they might not know, but who are safe to communicate with for assistance.

Community Outing at HAFB

Part of independent living is exploring interests and learning about all kinds of opportunities in their community.  This group learned about history and planes at the HAFB Museum.

Picture of Audience at Graduation

Graduations are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what students have accomplished.  These are a moment to stand on the summit because they have overcome obstacles and arduously climbed to the top.

Graduates accept their diploma during ceremonies.

Students take to the stage in our graduation ceremony this last Spring.  We celebrate the great people we have come to know, while recognizing the tremendous work they have put in.  Congratulations to our graduates, and now alumni!

Graduation Celebration

The arm goes up in celebration of accomplishment.  Graduation achieved in style!

Graduation Teacher Comments

Graduations are a great time to hear about the work students have done to achieve their goals and graduate.  
Congratulations to all our graduates and new Alumni!

Adult Agencies

When students are signed up with adult agencies, these agencies can work with them during and after after VEC.  Adult agencies most often include Vocational Rehabilitation (as pictured here) and/or Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD).  We strongly recommend applying to applicable agencies as soon as possible.  For more information, see Parent Resources in our website.

Adult Agencies Support VEC Studentsq

In addition to attending IEP Meetings, adult agency representatives like Vocational Rehabilitation come out to VEC to teach and support student needs toward employment and independent living at the student's level of readiness.

Activities for Students

We also weave in a lot of fun.  This picture is about celebrating, "May the 4th be With You."  Star Wars fans came out strong and showed it!

Independent Living Activities

While at VEC, students will have different opportunities to explore different activities and interests, such as this badminton game to learn about staying active and healthy lifestyles in a fun way.

Lunchtime Friends

What would school be without some down time and grabbing a bite to eat?  We have a school nutrition services cafeteria and a good lunch period where students build friendships and restore energy for the next half of the day.


We have great bus drivers that bring students to and from school on the traditional yellow school buses.
During the day, students use UTA and yellow bus to go out in the community to work or support instructional activities.  
Some students develop UTA independence and can use UTA for all their transportation needs. 


Inclusion is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of making decisions about helping everyone belong.Author Unknown

Vista Education Campus By The Numbers

104 / 308 students graduated at the end of 2018.

100% Technology supported education and communication for students and parents

100% Full Compliance with SpEd Procedures and Policies

100% Of students are receiving further schooling, particularly in transition areas such as post-high school training, work, and life skills.

100% Student Effort is Our Effort.

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