Classroom Learning
Classroom Learning at VEC is Varied

Students in 2019 Working on Math Skills

Independent Living in the Kitchen
Independent Living Includes Healthy Eating and Cooking

Students in 2019 working on healthy food choices and cooking skills.

Work Skills and Experience
Work Skills and Experience at VEC

Students in 2019 developing employment skills.

Community Activities and Fun
Independent Living Experiences in the Community

Students in 2019 learning independent living skills, such as planning and purchasing.
(Having fun, too.)

Independent Living Activities
Independent Living Includes Positive Activities

Students in 2019 learning about different recreational opportunities and healthy living.


Classroom Working Together
Classroom and Working Together

Students in 2019 enjoying holiday cooking together.

Work and Service Experience Opportunities
Work Opportunities

Students in 2019 developing work skills and gaining work experience.

Inclusion is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of making decisions about helping everyone belong.Author Unknown

Vista Education Campus By The Numbers

104 / 308 students graduated at the end of 2018.

100% Technology supported education and communication for students and parents

100% Full Compliance with SpEd Procedures and Policies

100% Of students are receiving further schooling, particularly in transition areas such as post-high school training, work, and life skills.

100% Student Effort is Our Effort.

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