Junior High

High School


Students pour a sauce as it cooks, creating a bit of fun.

Many of our students participate in work sites in the community.  This group was working at a local restaurant.  These indispensable employers are terrific to help our students to build work experience, learn about types of jobs, and to build confidence in their work skills.  Thank you!  

Students visit a radio station to learn about jobs.

Community Outings are a significant part of applying skills and exploring possibilities.  This group went to a radio station to learn about jobs. Though likely more entertaining than other outings, it is no more important to the students to learn about what they are interested and able to do.  

Graduates accept their diploma during ceremonies.

Students take to the stage in our Graduation Ceremony this last Spring.  We celebrate the great people we have come to know, while recognizing the tremendous work they have put in.  Congratulations to our graduates, and now alumni!

Picture of Audience at Graduation

Graduations are a fantastic opportunity to celebrate what students have accomplished.  These are a moment to stand on the summit because they have overcome obstacles and arduously climbed to the top.

A student learning life skills of food preparation and cooking.

Life Skills are varied.  They may include, but are not limited to, healthy food choices, food preparation, cooking, shopping, budgeting, utilities, living arrangements, cleaning, and/or laundry.  As we discuss students' transition goals, Life Skills are an important consideration, whether taught at school or at home. 


Our focus at VEC is on instruction for students with Transition needs.  This may include employment training, employment discovery, life skills, communication, and/or social skills (as pictured here). Instruction takes place in and out of the school, providing authentic opportunities for students to apply their schools.

Adult Agencies

Adult Agencies work with VEC and work with students after VEC.  Adult Agencies most often include Vocational Rehabilitation (as pictured here) and/or Division of Services for People with Disabilities (DSPD).  We strongly recommend applying to applicable agencies as soon as possible.  For more information, see Parent Resources in our website.


Inclusion is a way of thinking, a way of being, and a way of making decisions about helping everyone belong.Author Unknown

Vista Education Campus By The Numbers

104 / 308 students graduated at the end of 2018.

100% Technology supported education and communication for students and parents

100% Full Compliance with SpEd Procedures and Policies

100% Of students are receiving further schooling, particularly in transition areas such as post-high school training, work, and life skills.

100% Student Effort is Our Effort.

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