Vista Education Campus is much different than a high school and it's extracurricular focus.  We are focused on transition services and activities centering around these needs. 

  • Preparing for the next step of instruction - College, Technical College, Certification Program, Hands-On On the Job Training, etc.
  • Work - Exploring types of work, learning preferences, and developing skills related to most all work.  As students appear ready, we look at team worksites, independent worksites, or paid employment for experiences.  We are always working to help students identify the work they want to do as they transition out of school. 
  • Life Skills - We work to help students with identified needs and readiness for various life skills, such as hygiene, personal care, laundry, shopping, healthy food selection, cooking (from simple to complex), caring for their living residences, transportation, and more. 

Team instructional activities are varied and depend on what students are learning.  Please see teacher itineraries or discuss daily events with your student.  Telling you about it helps make it stick. 

School-wide activities are held once a month, typically on the last Friday of the month.  These activities are prepared by a couple of classes for all classes to enjoy.  Talent shows, dances, games, and more are held so that all can participate.  Students use their skills to prepare events, decorations, advertising, announcements, shopping, cooking, or whatever relates to getting ready.  Please ask your student what's coming up and watch for announcements.  We want them able to prepare if there is a theme involving clothes or favorite items.  This is part of adult life, also.  When graduated, we hope that students will want to plan and prepare activities with and for your families, friends, neighbors, and groups.

If students generalize these interests, involvements, skills, and experiences, they'll stick and enrich their lives.

Community Activities

Some have asked us about clubs or organizations here at the school.  We have declined, feeling that is counterproductive to our mandate to help our students transition into adults roles and responsibilities.  Teachers will talk about getting students out of the building and out into the community to do many different things during the year.  

Please take inventory of your students interests, hobbies, and skills and find community connections.  We will send public service announcements from our school helping parents and students to find possible places and events to become involved with.  If you know of places and events coming up in our community, please email  We will gladly forward these to our parents and students via our VECAnnouncements emails or Webpage Posts found on our homepage.  We want to increase knowledge and awareness of what is available.  Please let us know of what you learn about.  It takes a whole community!