It's going to be a great year.  We're working hard to get everything ready for a smooth and enjoyable start to the year.  Please follow the set of instructions that apply to you/your student. 

Students Who are New and Registering at VEC for the First Time

If you are a new student, welcome to VEC.  The "New Student Registration" webpage will guide you through everything need for registration.  Please select that link and read through the introduction, then complete each of the tabs and sub-tabs to be ready by August 6th.


Students Returning to VEC

If you are a returning VEC Student, registration requirements  depend on whether you (if own guardian)/your student are/is a returning VEC student and whether you completed "pre-registration" with your VEC Teacher in May.  

  • If you are a returning student who did not complete pre-registration in May, please select "New Student Registration." Information is given for required and optional items.  With that information completed, you'll know which fees apply to you. 
  • If you are a returning student who did complete pre-registration with your teacher in May, then select  "Finishing PreRegistration."  There are only a couple of things to review and complete, including applicable fees.

Please work to complete all requirements by August 6th for us to best prepare and for you to avoid a late fee.  Thank you.