Welcome to Vista Education Campus (VEC)!

What a school year last year!  Thank you for your patience and perseverance to keep moving forward and make progress. This year will have a lot of energy and enthusiasm as we anticipate returning to our usual instructional activities in-person and out in the community.  We say it each year in all sincerity, we are looking forward to working with everyone this coming year. 

If you were unable to attend our Parent and Student Orientation in April, we hope that this attached file will help you get acquainted with our school. Please take a look to get a feel for what we have in store for you/your student.

2021 New Student and Parent Orientation Information

The Registration information below is required annually before a student begins to attend VEC. Please read the general information and then see the forms in the accordion files (+) below. Thank you, in advance, for completing these registration items to help us prepare. We will hold intake meetings with new students ~August 18-27. After you have registered, please anticipate notification in August to set-up that intake meeting if you are new.

All registration that is completed before August 6th will be greatly appreciated to allow us to get everything ready.  August 6th is the deadline for completing registration fully. Any registration that is received or completed after August 6th will be assessed a late fee. Thank you.

Important Information about Starting the Year

  • Completed registration forms can be

    • Brought to our office in-person,
    • Emailed to (include student name in Subject line), or
    • Mailed to us at Vista Education Campus, 97 S 200 E, Farmington, Utah 84025.
  • Registration must be fully completed prior to attending VEC. 

    • Completed registration helps our school team to organize and ensure proper supervision and support for each attending student. 
    • Completing registration includes all required forms, immunization* documentation (or appropriate exemptions), and fees or accepted fee waivers (starting July 12th) with required documentation. (*Immunizations that are started may require time between shots.  If the students has received the first in the series, then the student is permitted to attend.)
  • Most forms are fill-able PDFs for simplicity.  You can work with all forms digitally or as hardcopies.    

    • Please save each file to your computer first. Then complete the information and keep copies of each for your records.
  • The VEC Transportation Form must be received by August 9th to have Yellow Bus transportation starting school.

    • Routing will be halted between August 11-25th. Transportation focuses on driver and aid training, allowing drivers to practice routes, and preparing for the year to start. Routing will not resume until August 30th and each routing request takes 3-5 school days. 
    • VERY IMPORTANT! This means that students submitting the VEC Transportation Forms after August 9th may require personal transportation the first week of school-wide instruction. We cannot guarantee that the bus will be routed for the start of school, if the form is submitted after 8/9/21.
  • The first day of yellow school bus pick-up and school-wide instruction for students will be Monday August 30th 

    • This delayed start permits teachers to hold individual intake appointments with incoming students and parents.  Intakes will be scheduled for August ~18-28th.  These are important for anyone new to VEC.  They give you an opportunity to teacher, student, and parent to meet, talk about goals, and organize for the year.

Emphasized deadlines help avoid delays for you / your student.  
We appreciate your help to prepare for the first day of school in a timely manner.  Thank you.

VEC Registration -
Both Step 1 & Step 2 need to be completed.

We hope you are familiar with completing many of these items from high school.  These are important and help us to make this a safe, enjoyable, and productive school experience for you/your student. Some items will be new, so we include explanation.  Click on the plus and it will open up information. If you have questions at any time, contact us at (801)402-5975 (8:30-3:30 p.m. in the summer).

{We have a survey at the bottom of this page and we ask for your feedback. It is always helpful. Prior feedback has helped us refine our site and information. Thank you.}

Step 1 of Registration

Step 2 of Registration (Items to be submitted after July 13, 2021)

When you have finished all items, please submit them according to your preference (in-person, emailed to, or mailed to our school).
If other than in-person, you will receive an email confirming receipt and status. Thank you!


  • VEC Transportation Forms received after August 9th will lead to delays in yellow school bus transportation for you / your student, requiring personal transportation until you/your student can be routed after August 30, 2021.
  • A late fee will be applied to any registration completed after Monday, August 6, 2021. Still complete registration - but it is best by Aug. 6th.
  • Call us at (801) 402-5975 with any questions.
  • Thank you for completing these registration requirements. They help us a great deal to serve you / your student. 

With all registration items completed and fees paid, we should have everything needed to start the year. Please be sure you have confirmation in person or via email to know that you are finished registering. Thank you!  We look forward to a great year!

Vista Education Campus
97 South 200 East
Farmington, Utah  84025

VEC Main Office is open 8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m.
We will be closed July 5 & July 23 for the associated holidays. 

Thank you!  We look forward to a great year!
**Please email regarding any problems with the website.  This is greatly appreciated.

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With COVID19 restrictions, this registration process has been a new way to prevent the need to come in or have materials handled.  Please give us your feedback about how we've done this.  Thank you.

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