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Finishing PreRegistration

This Page is Only for Returning VEC students who
Completed "Pre-Registration" in May.

(If you have not completed Pre-Registration, please go back and select the
"New Student Registration" link in the previous page for all items that apply to you.)

Welcome back!  Because you completed "Pre-Registration" last Spring and already have your immunizations and guardianship status on file, you only need to complete the requirements below.  Let's get registration wrapped up!

The following is important, as you begin.

VEC Registration is from Monday, July 15 – Monday, August 5, 2019.

  • We do require registration to be completed first, which will help us to prepare for the first day.
  • There are very important forms, some of which require time to complete.  Please begin right away. 
  • Late registration can be submitted after Monday, August 5, 2019, but will require a late fee and could potentially lead to delays for you.

We do recommend that you review the content under all three tabs below. 

  • Required Registration Tab - The items listed below under this tab are needed for each new VEC student.
  • Optional Registration Tab - The items listed under this tab are offered to you and are completely your choice, such as our VEC Yearbook, Portrait Info, VEC Logo Clothing, and Free/Reduced Meals information.
  • School Fees Options Tab - This gives options for paying school fees and applying for a School Fees Waiver, if needed.

Important Notes to Help Start the Year Well

  • The first day of school-wide instruction for students will be Monday, August 26th to permit teachers to hold individual intake appointments with students and parents. 
    • Intakes will be scheduled August 13th-23rd
    • Buses will begin picking up students on Monday, August 26th
  • Registration must be fully completed prior to any student attending VEC. This enables our school team to organize and ensure proper supervision and support for each attending student. 
    • Completing registration includes immunizations* (or appropriate exemptions) and fees or fee waivers with required documentation.
      • *Immunizations that are started may require time between shots.  If the students has received the first in the series, then the student is permitted to attend.
  • Emphasized deadlines help everyone avoid delays for students
    • Please work to have all registration materials completed and sent to us by August 5th, giving us plenty of time to input all SpEd Bus Requests by August 9th.
    • Any student whose registration is received after August 9th will not have yellow bus transportation until at least September 3rd.  Transportation is unable to route students between August 12th and the start of school year due to bidding, training, and drivers starting.
    • Bus routing can take 3-5 school days to put in place and would require you/your student to arrange for personal transportation during that time.

We appreciate your help to prepare for the first day of school in a timely manner.  Thank you.

VEC Completing Pre-Registration Registration Items

Do These Required Items Apply to You (if own guardian)/Your Student?

VEC Guardianship Verification Form if Guardianship Status has Changed

**Required only for Students New to VEC - OR -
those Students with Recent Legal Guardianship Changes **

The VEC Guardianship Verification Form is only required for NEW students or students for whom guardianship has changed through the courts after an initial Guardianship Verification Form was given to VEC.  After you have completed the fillable form, please print it and submit it with registration materials.

Note: If your student has turned 18 years of age, they are considered their own legal guardian.  The only way that guardian status is changed is through the court system.

  • If the student is not her or his own guardian, the school requires that a copy of the court documentation accompany the VEC Guardianship Form to be kept on file. 
  • If no legal documentation is provided and your student is 18 years of age or older, your student will be considered her or his own legal guardian.
  • This form (with accompanying court documentation) can be used again, any time of the year, to notify us of a change when it happens. 

Please initial the Guardianship Changes section of the 2020 VEC Policies & Procedures Signature Page.

Medical Forms (If Needed)

These Forms are Required only for Students:

1. Needing to have medication administered at school - and/or -
2. having one of the following medical conditions (when communication becomes so critical). 


Letter About Medication Administration in the Schools from the Superintendent 

For all these forms, we suggest beginning immediately.   

  • Forms will need to be completed by parent/guardian and health care provider.
  • The health care provider's signature is required on each form. 
  • If a form is not complete (with health care provider's signature) and on file with us at VEC, we are unable to administer medication at all.

Further information is available at the DSD Nursing Website under "Parent Links."

Thank you.  These completed, submitted forms help us to ensure your student is healthy and safe.

Optional Registration Items

These items are offered as part of the Vista Education Campus (VEC) Experience.  We hope that they of interest to you (if your own student) or your student (if other guardian).  Please review each of them.

VEC Yearbook

The VEC 2019 - 2020 Yearbook - This will be prepared between April 2019 and March 2020 with pictures from students and staff during the school year. 
If you have wish to contribute a picture for consideration, please email it, in the largest format possible, to jgordon@dsdmail.net.  We appreciate pictures to consider - we typically have more pictures than will fit in the yearbook, but we do like to draw from a wide variety of students and settings.  We always appreciate having great picture options to draw from.

The yearbook will be distributed to those who have purchased them the last week of school as part of our end of year celebration.    

They are full-color and in a soft-cover (36 pages).
Cost: $20. 

If choosing to purchase this, please select Yearbook under the Optional Fees Tab for your student in MyDSD

VEC Picture Day

LifeTouch Picture Day

**All students are required to have their picture taken. 
Purchasing a package is completely optional.**

  • VEC Picture Day will be Friday, October 4, 2019. 
  • Retakes will be on Friday, November 1, 2019. 

If you'd like picture package information, please refer to this LifeTouch Picture Information.  LifeTouch has made it so you can actually order ahead of time digitally over the internet. 

Please watch for fliers the week before the picture date or contact the school for more information. 

Vista Education Campus Logo Clothing

If you are like us and love to show it loud and proud,
consider ordering a school shirt!  

We think they look quite stylish.
If you are interested:

  • Please select the order form,
  • Choose which shirt(s), size(s), and color(s),
  • Print it off,
  • And submit it with your the rest of your registration forms. 

Pay for your shirts as you would other fees (see the School Fees Options below for more information).

Optional Purchase - Shirt Form

Davis District Lunch Program (and Free/Reduced Cost Info)

DSD Nutrition Services Information 
Feeding VEC

We are fortunate to have our DSD Nutrition Services Program in the School, though students can and are encouraged to bring a sack lunch from home, if they prefer.  
Students or Guardians can pay through MyDSD or with cash/check to the Kitchen Cashier. 

  • Breakfast  $1.40        $.30 Reduced cost     (Staff $2.00)
  • Lunch  $2.25             $.40 Reduced cost     (Staff $3.40)

Students have the choice of several options when eating at VEC.  There are several breakfast entrees, as well as several entrees - PBJ, Sandwich Item, or Main Line.  Please see the menu link below and look for Vista Education Campus.  (Note: In summer time, the site only lists summer lunch programs.)

  • If a student is going out in the community, he/she is able to pre-order a sack lunch the day before through their teacher.  The teacher then submits a form to the kitchen.

We require students not to share food with other student because of potential allergies or undue influence. For further lunch information, please see School Lunch Schedule.

School Lunch Menus

Important Davis Nutrition Services Links

Davis Nutrition Services Website

Davis School District Nutrition Services Website - Find links to many lunch and breakfast topics.

VEC Monthly Menu - Breakfast and Lunch

Menu Information - Look for "Vista Education Campus" for information as to a given day's menu each month.

Special Dietary Needs - Adjusting Meals for Medical Reasons

  • Ingredients and Special Meal Requests - If your student has special dietary needs for meals.  The Special Meal Request Form (English or Spanish) should be used, if a special diet is needed with school lunch. 
    • Complete and submit with Registration items, if needed.
      • The Special Meal Request Form requires the signature of a medical authority (health care provider).
      • There is a Secondary Gluten Free Menu on this website, also. 
    • Food Allergies in Schools - General Information

Free or Reduced Meals Information

each student needing free or reduced lunch prices
must submit a new application each school year.
  • Directions to Apply for Free/Reduced Meals - Again, this must be done every new school year.
    • If you are a student and are your own guardian and wish to apply for Free/Reduced meals, please use:
    • If you are your student's guardian applying for Free/Reduced meals, please use your existing Guardian Account in MyDSD.
      • Login to MyDSD as Guardian.
      • Select "Tools" in the box - Select "Apply for Lunch Assistance" and follow the instructions given.

School Fees Options

School Fees Waiver Option, If Needed

Options for Fee Waivers

If needing a Fee Waiver, please fill-out the application completely and attach required documentation.  Submit this with your other registration items.  The secretary will communicate with you about whether that fee waiver was accepted.

Utah State Office of Education Fee Waiver Information Website - Information on this website links to documents that explain guidelines and help apply for School Fee Waiver need. 

Paying School Fees

Annual School Fees

Please remember that there are two tabs related to paying fees in MyDSD - Required Fees and Optional Fees.  

Fees can be paid safely

  • online using a card (3% fee) or checking account routing number in MyDSD. 
  • by mail, but only using a check.  
  • in person directly in the office using cash, check, or card.     

Please submit a copy of the receipt with your other registration items, as evidence of completing this requirement.  Thank you.

For questions, please contact the main office at 801.402.5975 from 8:30 to 3:30 M-F in the summer.

After you have your applicable Required Items and desired Optional Registration Items completed, please complete payment of school fees (or Fee Waiver with documentation).  With all registration items completed, we should have everything needed.

Please mail or bring all registration items to our VEC Main Office (8:30 a.m. - 3:30 p.m., Monday-Friday during the summer; closed July 4-6, 23-24). 

Vista Education Campus
97 South 200 East
Farmington, Utah 84025

Call us at (801) 402-5975 with any questions.  Thank you!  We look forward to a great year!

Would you be willing to take a 1 minute survey about Pre-Registration to help us with next year?