Each year, Vista Education Campus (VEC) uses the VEC Policies and Procedures Signature Page to summarize essential policies students and parents/guardians to become familiar with.  Please complete reviewing all policies and procedures, initialing after each.  At the end, you are asked to sign the form and submit it with registration to be kept with student information.  

DSD & VEC Policies

  1. DSD Acceptable Use (Technology Use) Agreement Information (Updates Being Reviewed by DSD Board of Education) - PDF Form
  2. DSD Electronic Device Policy Information (Updates Being Reviewed by DSD Board of Education) - PDF Form
  3. DSD Safe School Policy Information - PDF Form
  4. VEC Student Locker Policy Information - PDF Form
  5. VEC Student Handbook of Policies and Procedures Disclosure Information - PDF Form
  6. VEC Disclosure of Financial Responsibility Information - PDF Form
  7. VEC Community Based Programming Disclosure Information - PDF Form
  8. VEC Policy Against Forms of Bullying  Disclosure Information - PDF Form
  9. VEC Responsibility to Notify if Change in Guardianship Information - PDF Form - This information is below among the Required Registration Items as a new student.