Guardianship Verification

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NOTE to Those Registering - A new form is only required when a new student enters VEC or when a change in guardianship has occurred since the prior form was submitted. We must have the most accurate, up-to-date copy of the Guardianship Verification Form on-file to assist your student correctly (and a copy of the court documentation, if student is not their own guardian).


  • “Guardianship” is a legal term which describes a court-established relationship between two people, a guardian and a ward.
  • "A ward" is an individual who needs someone else to help him or her to make important decisions and meet basic needs. Once a person turns 18, he or she is considered to be his or her own guardian and is no longer considered a ward .
  • When a student turns 18, the rights of parents and their students change. Unless documentation shows us that the court finds an adult student incapable of managing his or her own affairs and appoints a guardian, the school must assume that the student is capable of and legally recognized to do these things for themselves.
  • We caution parents not to be confused by other legal terms, which may lead parents to believe that they have guardianship over their student beyond 18.  A conservatorship, representative payee, or a protective payee is NOT a guardianship.
  • If the court has appointed a guardian, the school REQUIRES the most current copy of the court document with seal affixed on file with the school.  Parents must submit a copy to the school.
    • If you have not already provided this court documentation to the school, please submit a copy of this documentation (with the court seal affixed) attached to this form.  Thank you.
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Guardianship Verification Form

This Guardianship Verification Form is required for every student as they enter VEC and needed when any changes occur.  The contents request the following information be provided:

  • Is the student his/her own guardian?
  • If no, are you in the process of obtaining guardianship?
  • If the student is not his/her own guardian, who is the appointed guardian and what form of guardianship has been granted.

Please initial the Guardianship section of the VEC Policies and Procedures Signature Page acknowledging you have read and are familiar with this information.  
If new to VEC or guardianship status has changed, complete the Guardianship Verification Form and submit it with other registration items.