Student Locker Policy

Student Locker Policy
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The Vista Education Campus (VEC) provides lockers for students’ personal belongings. Please enjoy using the lockers for convenience.  Please respect and take care of them.  


For protection of your property, keep your personal belongings in the lockers when you are not using them.  Be sure your locker is locked each time you leave it.  Keep your key with you and do not loan your locker key to other students.  
The school cannot be responsible for loss of valuables and we strongly urge students to leave valuable items at home.


Lockers are keyed for easier use.  Please keep the key with you on a key ring.  Replacement keys are $5.  Personal padlocks are not permitted.  Some teachers may have students keep their keys at school with their teams.

Jammed Lockers

Lockers occasionally become jammed because heavy items such as jackets or bags become wedged in the door.  If your locker does become jammed, try pushing the locker in as you gently pull the latch up.  If this does not un-jam your locker, report to your class and ask your teacher for assistance. If further assistance is required, your teacher will contact the main office for help.

Property Rights

Lockers are school property and can be opened and checked by authorized school personnel for safety and security reasons.  

Locker Condition

Lockers at the VEC are in very good condition.  Please keep the locker clean and organized.  

  • Use magnets instead of tape.
  • Do not write on the lockers.  If you would like to write a reminder, please use a magnetic whiteboard in your locker.
  • Be careful to avoid bent latches, dents, or scratches.  
  • Vandalism, or intentional damage, shall not occur.  Student shall be required to pay for repair of any intentional damage.  
  • Report any problems with the locker to your teacher right away.

Thank you.  Please initial the Student Locker Policy section of the the VEC Policies and Procedures Signature Page acknowledging receipt of and familiarity with this information.