School Policies and Procedures are summarized in the 2023 VEC Student Handbook.  The 2020 VEC Student Handbook is now in an online OneNote Notebook.  This allows viewers to use the immersive reader function (toward the top) for assistance with reading.  If there are any problems viewing the new handbook, please email jgordon@dsdmail.net .

Successful school years begin with everyone understanding these policies and procedures as a common expectation.  We've seen success with students, as they receive instruction on the handbook and settle into school, particularly if they are new to VEC. 

Please select the link above or go to the VEC Handbook Page.  Thank you.

Prevention of Bullying in Any Form

Please read this summary of how we promote respect and dignity, creating a positive, healthy, and happy school climate.  It also helps detail and teach what behaviors are prohibited.  Please contact us if there are questions or concerns about behavior at school.  We remind often, it takes all of us to make VEC a great, safe learning environment.

Thank you.

VEC Bullying, Cyber-bullying, and Harassment Policy