Principal Message

jeff williams

Hello, Vista Warriors! 

The Vista Education Campus (VEC) is an amazing place.  Our campus provides an individualized, student-centered environment that focuses on the transition needs of every student. 

We expect our 18 to 22-year-old students to complete challenging goals as they gain the skills they need to become as independent as possible.  These goals are outlined within students’ IEPs.  Students and parents are an integral part of designing individualized programs.  Once each student’s IEP has been collaboratively designed by the student and their team, the teachers, para-educators and administrators at VEC work together closely as they utilized research-based methods to support student progress.  

The teachers, para-educators and administrators at VEC team together to teach our students the skills, confidence and mind sets to be as independent as possible.  We enjoy helping our students engage in tasks and situations they never thought they could manage.  We appreciate families that allow their students to grapple with big challenges in our supportive setting.  As they’re learning, our students will experience some failures.  Like J.K. Rowling, we believe failure brings experience, knowledge, resilience and growth.  Our supports provide safety for students as they learn to manage both failures and success. Together these experiences create more self-reliant individuals who can continue to work toward their full potential throughout their lives. 

We greatly appreciate the assistance of businesses in our community that provide job skill training sites for our students, as well as those businesses that welcome our students as they learn other transition skills, like money management and social skills.  

Students will participate in engaging, authentic experiences that teach them independence skills.  We prepare students for their futures!

We can’t wait to get to know you and
help you work toward your dreams!