VEC School Nurse

Katie Olsen
Vista Education Campus
School Nurse

Office: (801)402-5952
Fax:     (801)402-5951

Davis School District Resources

Website for DSD Parent Links - Comprehensive List of Items

  1. General Health and Illness
    1. Should I Send My Child to School?       
    2. Deberia yo enviar a mi hijo/a a la escuela?
  2. Health Care Plans -
    Please anticipate having these completed before the 1st day that your student plans to attend school each new school year.
    1. Steps for Parents to Electronically Sign Health Care Plans
    2. Authorization for Medical Procedure/Treatment
    3. DSD Authorization for G-Tube/G-J Tube Procedure
  3. Medications
    1. Medication Policy
      1. DSD Medication Administration Policy
      2.  School Medication Authorization
    2. Asthma & Allergies
      1. Asthma Action Plan, Medication Authorization and Self Administration Form
      2. Asthma Medication Authorization Form (Self-Administration) No Action plan
      3. Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Action Plan
    3. Diabetes
      1. Diabetes Medication Management Orders (DMMO)
      2. DMMO - CGM (attach to the DMMO if student has a Continuous Glucose Monitor)
      3. DMMO - Insulin Injection Addendum
      4. DMMO - Insulin Pump - Smart Pen Addendum
    4. Seizures - Seizure Medication Management Orders (SMMO)
  4. Immunizations
    1. Utah Immunization Rule
    2. Utah School Requirements for Immunizations
    3. Davis County Health Department Clinic Hours
  5. Special Dietary Requests for Meals
    1. Nutrition Services: Nutrislice
    2. Medical Statement to Request Special Meals, Accommodations, and Milk Substitution
    3. Davis County Health Department Rules for Approved Food Use in Schools

Katie is a great member of the team. Please contact her if you have any questions.